We Do More Than Just Rent Cranes

Critical Lift With Three Cranes

Critical Contract Lifts

Complex critical lifts can involve the simultaneous use of more than two cranes, hoists or other pieces of powered lifting equipment. Working in tandem to deliver an intricate lifting programme requires comprehensive training and planning. At Al Mutawa we are proud of our team of engineers who work hard to ensure that every lift is performed safely and most efficiently.

We will walk through your job with you to gain an understanding of all your requirements. Our aim is to save you time and money. We will always specify the most economical solution to ensure your mission needs are met.

Crane Hire & Equipment Rental

We have the variety and inventory of cranes that fit to your needs. Our range of cranes, including mobile, crawler, and rough terrain are of various brands and capacities up to 600t.

Our branch network allows us to station cranes across the UAE. This decentralized approach leads to significant reductions in the cost to mobilize large cranes. We also assure our customers that they have access to our entire national network of cranes.

So, raise your expectations of what you can accomplish and contact us for your site survey today!

Tower Crane Lift Plan

Lift Planning & Engineering Services

Often the real benefit to accessing Al Mutawa’s crane inventory is what happens before the lift. Our team of dedicated engineers will work with you to formulate a lift plan to ensure the lifting operations are carried out safely and efficiently.

Our lift plans encompass risk assessments, method statements, and other site-specific documentation to ensure a lift is carried out successfully. As you are aware crane lifting operations are intricate, complex, and, at times, difficult. Therefore, lift planning is a very important part of the lifting process.